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GEIC Harvard Link

GEIC Harvard Link

 The Establishment of a Global Education Innovation Centre


These are extraordinary times for humanity. With the advance of Globalisation; the need for people to understand global affairs in an empathetic manner, to have the ability work productively across cultural differences, to recognize and address global challenges and develop an innate ability to partake in the global commons requires students to develop global leadership skills.


Our goal is to  create youth who see themselves as Global Citizens first and foremost.  We are about empowering Global Citizens through the creation of our own Global Education Innovation Centre.


Link with Harvard University Think Tank on Global Education


“ We must prepare the next generation of leaders to find solutions to the problems of the future, to invent the future so to speak, and in order to do this they must be globally competent because their future will be completely intertwined with the future of  their fellow human beings in this small earth”  Professor Fernando Reimers,  Harvard University


In 2016 and 2017, Jennifer attended the prestigious ‘Think Tank on Global Education’ led by Professor Reimers. It was from the first inspiring experience at Harvard University, that a strong desire to do something more to advance Global Citizenship Education across the world was developed by Global Learner, Founder and CEO, Jennifer Messina. The experience resulted in Global Learner going into partnership with Transform International Education (T.I.E) who also attended the Harvard University.


Global Learner has been integral in pioneering and establishing the concept of a Global Education Innovation Centre (GEIC); a place where students explore the interconnections between people and places around the world and complex global issues. With one GEIC already established in Australia and another in Korea, the plan is to establish and grow at least one GEIC on every continent in the world over the next five years.


The Focus


    1. Leading for Global Competence – Teachers and School Leaders

       (Teacher- Training by CEO, Jennifer Messina at your school)


       - Teacher to Teacher, Leader to Leader – globally pair up

       - Successful Global Competent schools due to Principal and his/her Vision

       - Global Education Conference in one GEIC per annum

       - Teacher travel, language learning. Other experiences increase Global Citizenship awareness

       - local, national and international partnerships


    2. Define Success for a Global Environment


       - Globally- focused course of study across the curriculum

       - Researching, developing and creating new knowledge about a world culture or an internationally 

          relevant issue.

       - Literate in English and at least one other language

       - Accept the responsibilities of Global Citizenship

       - Global Student Summit at one GEIC per annum

       - Competition

       - Student Study Abroad one Term experiences


    3. Community Service


       - Engage the community to bring outside in/ inside out

       - Community Service Projects

       - TIE School in the Philippines

       - International Book Club amongst international families and students

       -Create Global Partnerships non-for profit sector


    4. Strategic Upgrades


       - Curriculum, Online schools, Virtual Schools, MOOCS Massive Open Online Courses

       - Connection through Social Media, learning about complex world problems in faraway countries

       - Teacher Instruction

       - Leverage Technology

       - Blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, classroom to classroom connections, BYOD, GEIC to GEIC


    5. Grow Global Leaders


       - Create young student global leaders through mentorship programs

       - GEIC Student Summit of leaders


    6. Global Languages     


       - Increase the use of more than one language       

       - Proficiency in two or more languages is prerequisite for Global Citizenship


GEIC Student Leaders


As a Global Learner student, you are automatically a member of the GEIC.

Students with a strong desire to enact change in Global Citizenship Education are identified as leaders. These students are given work experience or an internship at a GEIC.


We encourage all of our students to learn another language if they are not already. Many of our Global Learner students can communicate in two, three or more languages. However, many local students in Australia and the United States can only speak one language, their mother tongue. So we look at ways of engaging more local students into our program. There is the option to learn another language with us.


Finally, we are encouraging our students to be involved in Community Service. We have one project with our partner TIE in the Philippines. It is envisaged that GEIC will attend that project and assist TIE in creating a school for students who could not normally afford to attend.


The Global Education Innovation Centre is about advancing global education, building on the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  It is an innovative Centre that believes that we must change the way we currently act nationally and as individuals.  For a very long time we have known that education can lead to peace; however, students need the opportunity to study global affairs, to learn foreign languages, to develop a curiosity about the world and to discover opportunities to improve it.


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