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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Global Learner highly values the information you share with us.


Although we need to collect, store and use personal information (such as your name, contact details, student identification numbers, visa numbers and other personal identifiers) to deliver our services, we will treat that information with respect at all times as set out in this document.


We may collect personal information by a variety of methods. For example, personal information may be collected in paper or electronic forms that you complete.  Additionally, we may collect personal information from users of the Global Learner website (such as their internet protocol address, files accessed etc.). Global Learner usually collects personal information directly from the individual. However, we may also collect information from third parties, such as education providers or agents or from a publicly maintained record or governmental department. 


We use the personal information for the services we provide as an education agent and consultant. This includes (but is not limited to) us assessing and introducing education providers, students and agents, administering and managing services we provide to education providers and students (current and prospective), admissions, enrolments, education, billing, information technology, data storage and marketing our services.


We may also use personal information to contact the discloser by mail, email, SMS or telephone. 

Global Learner will only disclose personal information if the person (about whom the information relates) has consented to the disclosure or if such is required by law. Disclosure will often be essential to enable us to deliver our services. For example, we will need to disclose a student’s personal information to the education provider to seek enrolment of the student. We may also need to, from time to time, disclose a student’s personal information to a student’s agent (if applicable) or relatives. If personal information is disclosed (e.g. to the education provider), the information will be collected, stored and used according to the recipient’s privacy policy and Global Learner will not be responsible for the actions of the recipient.


We may need to disclose personal information to comply with the law including, but not limited to, our obligations under a range of legislative and regulatory requirements.


Personal information may be published on our website if the individual consents (or if the individual publishes the information). Information published on websites is accessible to millions of world-wide users and may be indexed by search engines and can be copied and used by any web user.  Accordingly, Global Learner is unable to manage or control (and has no liability for) any subsequent use or disclosure of personal information that is published on its website.


Global Learner will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information it stores is accurate. However, we rely greatly on the information the individual provides to us and we do not carry out investigations (except as required by law) to verify its accuracy. We encourage individuals to contacts us to obtain details of the personal information we hold about them and to request corrections should that information be inaccurate in any way. Requests for access or corrections to personal information should be made in writing to the Directors, Global Learner.


Although we take reasonable steps to protect personal information against loss, unauthorised access, misuse, modification or disclosure, no system is 100% secure. Global Learner therefore excludes any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any security breach to the full extent permitted by law.

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