Global Learner CEO & Founder, Jennifer Messina is an international education expert with over 25 years experience at K-12 and university level. She has attended Harvard University several times to extend her professional development in International Education, Global Citizenship and Educational Redesign. She has been an international education advisor to a number of global entities such as NYU, United Nations and the World Bank. Jennifer is a strong advocate for protecting international students; especially under 18 children, often living and studying in a new country without parents for academic and wellbeing support.



We will help you explore the most prestigious global study (K-12 /university) options, global internship and global

volunteering opportunities for your child. We will take the time to understand your child's personality, their strengths, weaknesses and goals in order to create a personalised learning journey map (LJM) so they can achieve their future study and work aspirations.



We provide high-quality 1:1 academic and well-being support for your child through our unique Grow and Thrive programs at our Learning Innovation Centre. Your child will benefit from a dedicated Learning Mentor who will guide them in their studies at School. Our Learning Mentors are all very high-achieving university students who have graduated from prestigious Schools in Australia and are often studying Medicine, Mathematics and Science Degrees. Many of them have also held leadership roles at their former School. Their background and ongoing studies will give your child a unique advantage as their Learning Mentor will have a current and detailed understanding of the School subject content and the educational expectations in order to academically succeed, Grow and Thrive.



This is our additional support program for parents of international students. It has been designed for parents who want higher connectivity and involvement with their child’s study abroad success.

SISTER COMPANY - iamglobalcitizen

iamglobalcitizen is a micro-credential platform  that highlights the power of living in a democracy. Our reimagined world has created a digital revolution requiring active leadership and social responsibility, ideas and innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship, cultural and linguistic awareness. We believe in creating a new generation of Global Citizens that actively address the challenges, changes and global opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution - a new economy based on information and a data-oriented global mindset. iamglobalcitizen creates microcredentials for many global companies, schools and students around the world. Bite-size snippets of knowledge (approximately 4-8 hours of study) are awarded with a credential certificate that can be stacked with a higher school certificate or degree for professional/personal use.

Global Learner is very honoured and humbled to have been awarded many prestigious awards:

2019: Top 50 Companies in Education (Global Forum for Education & Learning, Dubai)

2018: Finalist Lord Mayor's Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year (Founder, Jennifer Messina)

2017: Finalist Premier of Queensland's Export Awards - Education and Training

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