A 'Global First Concept' that combines international admissions, academic and wellbeing support, marketing and strategic advice to schools and professional development to teachers and leaders. Our founder Jennifer Messina is an international expert with over 25 years experience in International Education at both K-12 and university level. She has attended Harvard University numerous times to extend her Professional Development in International Education, Global Citizenship and Educational Redesign. She is the Founder and CEO of Global Learner, and one of the strongest advocates for international students in Australia.

Prestigious Student Placement

Global Learner's Prestigious Student Placement (PSP) dramatically impacts international student lives. Our local, national and international awards for International Education highlight our commitment to our students. We offer a world of prestigious placement opportunities at every level of education - Kindergarten to Year 12 (K-12), English Language Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) and University. We individually design and manage the learning journey for each international student on behalf of our global education partners. Our primary goal is international student success. We create students who are confident and capable in the education system of a new country.

Learning Innovation Centre

Individual Student Success is the primary goal of the Learning Innovation Centre (LIC). We shape international students to be capable of academic success and wellbeing in the first years of education in a new country.

Our innovative 1 to 1 model of teaching is catered to an individual's learning needs. We offer specialised classes in curriculum areas in order to accelerate learning outcomes for international students. This tailored learning model is led by a team of international education experts and highly experienced Learning Mentors.

iamglobalcitizen Platform

iamglobalcitizen is a micro-credential, digital platform that prepares students for the future of work - a digital revolution requiring active leadership and social responsibility, ideas and innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship, cultural and linguistic awareness. We create students as Global Citizens with a Global Leadership mindset that can actively address the challenges, changes and global opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - a new economy based on information and a data-oriented global mindset.

Global Learner have won numerous prestigious awards at an international, national, state and local level. 

2019: Top 50 Companies in Education (Global Forum for Education & Learning, Dubai)

2018: Finalist Lord Mayor's Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year (Founder, Jennifer Messina)

2017: Finalist Premier of Queensland's Export Awards - Education and Training


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International Student Admissions

Prestigious Student Placement (PSP)
iamglobalcitizen Platform

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Learning Innovation Centre (LIC)

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