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We offer a world of prestigious study abroad opportunities at every level of education in Australia and the United States of America.  Our prestigious student placement service involves four steps: English language college, Prestigious private high school, Top-tier university and global internship or work experience.


Global Learner's enrolment process has five steps:

 Step 1 - Enrol Online 


Begin Global Learner's Online Enrolment Application Form by clicking 'APPLY NOW'.

 Step 2 - Global Learner Application Review and Interview 


Global Learner will review your application within 48 hours of receipt.  If all entry requirements have been met, Global Learner will contact you to arrange an interview via Skype, WeChat or Face to Face with the Director, Global Learner.  The interview will be for 20-30 minutes and will be used to assess your child’s suitability for the proposed school and their ELICOS requirements. If required, Global Learner will arrange for an interpreter to assist with the interview.  


Incomplete applications will not be assessed until all information has been received.

 Step 3 - Partner School Application Review and Conditional Offer 

If Global Learner determines that your child is a suitable applicant, their application together with Global Learner’s written recommendation will be provided to the partner school for assessment.  If the application is successful, you will be provided with a Conditional Offer of Enrolment which is usually dependent on the successful completion of an ELICOS component and school interview and testing.  

 Step 4 - Partner School Interview and Testing 

Prior to commencement, your child will be required to attend an interview at the school and undertake testing.  GL will provide support to you in preparing for the testing and interview and may also accompany you, if needed, on the testing date.

 Step 5 - Confirmation of Offer 

Following school interview and testing, if your application is successful, we will provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter, if applicable.  These letter/s must be signed and returned within the period specified to secure your child’s enrolment.